10 Weird Questions that always Knock our Mind

There are little strange questions that sometimes come to our mind which we simply don’t know how to answer. Even though those questions are quite interesting and intriguing we ignore them and move on. Well, we have tried simply here to answer those questions.


If we don’t Speak for a year, What will happen?

Some people speak less, some more but we all talk. If you decide not to talk for a year, there would be some minor problems with the voice. But things would go back normal within a short time.


If we don’t Bath for a year, What will happen?

You won’t die but there will be a lot of bacteria, dead skin, rashes and itchy irritation will occur. You will have no more people around you. After taking the refreshing shower the skin will back to its normal state within few weeks.


If Earth Stops Rotating Suddenly, What will happen?

It will be the end of everything alive on the planet. All of the earth objects would fly to the east and catastrophic winds. Tsunamis and volcanoes would destroy everything on its path.


If Google shuts for half an hour, What will happen?

In August 2013, Google and all its services didn’t work for about 5 minutes and the Internet traffic dropped by 40%. So it’s easy to imagine that a 30-minute break would cause a lot of problems. Google itself would lose a lot of money, and so would all the companies that use its services. Most likely, the number of texts and phone calls would increase. It would also be good for other competing search engines.


If human live 100 Years of lifespan, What will happen?

Lots of things will get change. There would be more old people than young. Universities would organise classes for old people too and more people live outside of cities. There would be huge drop in crime rate.


If Soda replaces water, What will happen?

It is not the best idea, the acid in soda will start destroying your teeth and you would slowly become addicted to sugar. Taking extra calories everyday will lead to obesity, fatty liver and cardiovascular diseases.


If You Live on MARS, What will happen?

Living on mars would not be an easy task. The number of red blood cells would drop which will lead to worsening of immune system. The higher levels of radiations would increase the chances of cancer. The chemical present in mars soil would lead to decrease in thyroid function, increase in blood pressure and lung damage.


If You Clone Yourself, What will happen?

A clone wouldn’t look exactly same as you. Its appearance would depend on the genes. But its personality would be totally different and that clone would not be of good health.


If You start moving at speed of Light, What will happen?

Yet this is impossible. Time will move slower, if someone would move at the speed of light for 10 minutes and for the standing person that would be 20 minutes. He wouldn’t able to see clearly and a certain speed he would only see darkness.


If Dinosaurs aren’t extincted, What will happen?

If dinosaurs were still alive mammals were wouldn’t be able to develop further than rodents.

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