Is cheap website design a good idea for Small Business in Melbourne?

While you’re starting a new business in Melbourne, you might need an online Business profile as a Professional Website. Whether a business is small, medium or enterprise level, its website convey the real theme of your business.

Generally, people ask me, is it a good idea to get a cheap price website design for a small business? I would answer ‘it depends’.

Are you targeting only local audience in Melbourne or nationally Australia/international people? This might help you to get the rough idea.

I would say, YES, it is a good idea to start with a cheap price website for small Business. But what are they offering in that much price is the point of discussion.

What are my competitors doing? Is it even worth to spend tiny amount on a website design even I know it’s not going to stand before my competitors’ website?

As per my personal experience, web design agencies which provide cheap price (generally single page website) aims to get only your business appearance up & running on internet. Its good for business profile purpose but not the real fruit.

The primary goal of a business website is to convert your visitors into your customers. Therefore, a single page website design can’t merge an ocean into a vessel.

Further, single page cheap website can’t deal properly with Google crawlers & bots. I mean from SEO perspective; a single page website isn’t that effective.

If your business can provide online shopping, is it worth to get cheap price website? I would strongly say NO. There are bunch of measures & tools which invest developers time & money, better I can recommend you get our free web design consultation about eCommerce Website Development in Melbourne.

What else are they offering with it? Following is the checklist of main factors which make your business website a useful place.

–> Google Map Listing (Which is free of cost)

–> Domain Registration

–> Web Hosting (Australian Fast Server)

–> Business Email Account

–> cPanel Access

–> Is it a template or custom Website Design?

–> Is your content is copyrighted?

–> The biggest concern; Website Security

–> Is ongoing support provided?

–> https:// secure connection provided or not?

To finalise, all is depending upon your business needs. For instance, an Accountant Website can’t proceed with a single page web design, but an Auto Mechanic website can. If you seeking your website needs to be organically ranking good on search engines with custom made website design, get professional web designer & SEO Experts for this. To get a custom functionality eCommerce Website, we can guide you how to make your website a best online product selling website (Generally for retail shops Website, Restaurant/Pizza Shop Website).

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