A List of Hotel Housekeeping Companies in Melbourne (2019)

When you seeking someone who is reliable, trust-worthy & reliable for Hotel Housekeeping & Cleaning Service in Melbourne. Here we have a list of 10 Best Outsourced Hotel Housekeeping Companies in Melbourne.

  1. Yes Hospitality Group
  2. Silk Hospitality
  3. Empire Hospitality
  4. LUXXE
  5. AHS Hospitality
  6. NAKS Hospitality
  7. International Hotel Service
  8. HRC Group
  9. SMS Hospitality
  10. Sebastian Group

1. Yes Hospitality Group

Yes Hospitality Group is engaged in delivering Outsourced Housekeeping Solution and Services to the accommodation industry for years. Yes Hospitality Group is certified as an ISO Quality endorsed company received certification under the ISO PAS99-2012. The Company is among the leading Hotel Cleaning Companies across Australia and has been recognised as one of the most professional and Room Attendant service provider. The executive team members of the company are highly experienced in their designated fields. Our infrastructure facilities strive to deliver the best and ensure impeccable consistency in the service industry.

Some of our impeccable benefits extended to our customers that make YHG unique in comparison with other Hospitality Companies in Melbourne are:

Partnership  – Yes Hospitality Group aim to be your partner and aim to work together with customers in order to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Cost-Effective – Their comprehensive solution makes the forecasting easy.

Sustainability – Yes Hospitality Group aims to be sustainable and aims to be the inherent part of your business.

Relationship – Yes Hospitality Group believes in building strong relationships with the clients.

Quality Assurance – YHG’s finest quality assurance constantly meet the standard of your expectations.

Yes Hospitality Group is a one stop solution for the entire Hotel Housekeeping Services in Melbourne including additional services such as

  • Linen Management and Amenities
  • Public areas
  • Light maintenance
  • Other professional cleaning requirements
  • Laundry
  • Turndown services
  • Guest services
  • Training
  • Minibar Services

Neither of their employees are recruited without the tax file number and nor prior the identification checks have been completed. In order to maintain our five-star services, we deliver useful material and equipment.

Yes Hospitality Group have been received 5 star Customer Ratings form most of our well known clients such as Causeway Hotels and The Sebels.

They are highly judicious and strive to deliver finest quality Housekeeping and other Hotel related services throughout Melbourne.

To contact Yes Hospitality Group, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1800 312 599
E. info@yh-group.com.au
W. www.yh-group.com.au

2. Silk Hospitality

Silk Hospitality delivers Outsourced Housekeeping Services for Hotels throughout Melbourne. Their team collaboration works competently and economically. They are highly proud in delivering superior customer services and assure to maintain long term relationships with their clients. Their capability to handle the queries of customers during each stage of life-cycles includes expertise in Constructing New Hotels, Outsourcing to Outsourcing and In-House to Outsource transition enable us to become the leading Hotel Management Company in the industry.

Silk Hospitality, “Our clients range from Boutique Properties to major Hotel Chains. We compare our resources with our needs, retains the flexibility to manage the variability of multi-tired business. With impeccable track records of delivering exceptional outcomes, we strive our best to deliver the best possible outcomes of every hotel.”

To contact Silk Hospitality, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 575 364
E. info@silkhospitality.com.au
W. www.silkhospitality.com.au

3. Empire Hospitality

Empire Hospitality is individualised in Outsourcing entire departments. The Empire Hospitality ensures to deliver peculiar outsourcing models to the customers. The company assures to extend labour for entire household duties from housekeeping to cleaning man to public-based space along with carpet and upholstery cleaning. Tremendous benefits are extended to the clients in outsourcing such as customers can secure their high cost by eliminating the entire fixed cost related to the housekeeping and other additional cost linked with running the household departments and even eliminate the cost linked with payroll i.e. wages, superannuation, compensation , workers etc. This additional saving enables the customers to focus on generating additional revenue through their actual revenue generating departments.

Empire Hospitality is highly experienced in managing and ensuring smooth growth of all the housekeeping departments just as the initial outsourcing takes place. We also ensure to achieve our clients specific goals and objectives by hook and crook.

To contact Empire Hospitality, follow any mode of communication:

P. (02) 9571 6811
W. www.empirehospitality.com.au


Luxxe Outsourced Hotels and Housekeeping Services is Australian owned boutique service organisations in Australia, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane etc.They exclusively offer comprehensive Outsourced Services and first-rate models to hotels. Highly trained and experienced staff members serve various departments including housekeeping, Rooms and Food& Beverages. Their Outsourcing service is extended to large number of clients since 2005.

Broad-range of outsourced labour services across various departments includes

  • Room, Laundry and Minibar attendants
  • Office coordinators
  • Housekeeping services and managers
  • Valet drivers
  • Porters

A wide range of benefits offered to both hotel operators and hotel owners includes guaranteed cost-reduction, specialised outsourcing services, reduction of overhead expenses, risk mitigation, flexibility, efficiency, quality and ease of reduction in budgeting.

Their superior quality is driven by our comprehensive knowledge and quality-centric housekeeping management team of more than 75 years of professional’s experience. Luxxe deliver what was promised with the participation of the team that is highly trained in the Luxxe guest service philosophers.

To contact Luxxe, follow any mode of communication:

P. (03) 8761 9156
W. www.luxxe.com.au

5. AHS Hospitality

AHS Hospitality is engaged in offering outsourcing accommodation services to the hotel or service apartments throughout Melbourne since 1993. The Company has arrangements of accommodation of at least 80000 rooms in a year throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our team members of more than 6000 are highly trained in hospitality guest service. Our hotel accommodation services range from 3 to 5 stars along with luxury and boutiques sites. We work in collaboration with you to deliver the optimum possible outcomes for your hotel.

Our range of services includes guest service, Human resource and OH&S, Linen and laundry management, Turndowns, Minibar, Lost property, and Amenities management. Our core values bound us to work safely, respect one another, accomplish the most optimum thing, listen to the voice of our customers and ensure to help our customers in what they do.

With a group of more than 200 housekeeping managers and 600 housekeeping professionals, AHS Hospitality ensures to deliver an optimum quality of services with incomparable efficiency.

To contact AHS Hospitality, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1800 026 036
E. info@ahshospitality.com.au
W. www.ahshospitality.com.au

6. NAKS Hospitality

NAKS Hospitality is a well-grounded Housekeeping Company and a well-known brand in the hospitality industry across Australia. NAKS has broad-range of experience in the industry and serves the large number of customers in numerous industries by delivering them peculiar housekeeping solutions to satisfy the customers.

NAKS Hospitality is exclusive because of the following features:-

  • Rigid price structure
  • Highly trained and experienced staff members
  • 24 hours on call service
  • Capability to manage the entire housekeeping departments
  • Highly dedicated contract manager

NAKS is proud to be an environment-friendly organisation and is dedicated to the highest standard of occupational Health & Safety. Also, NAKS are pride in delivering professional services borne out by the tenor of experience and expertise in the Housekeeping industry.

To contact NAKS Hospitality, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1800 727 903
E. info@naks.com.au
W. www.naks.com.au

7. International Hotel Services

International Hotel Services established in the year 1988 specialised in the hotel industry and among one of the quality service provider in the hotel industry. Their comprehensive knowledge of hotel culture enables to fulfil high level of demand expectations of industry customers. Their staff members are highly trained which enable to fulfil the needs of the hotel customers and all their business partners. IHS employees are given range of carrier opportunities and are paid under the parameters of federal award.

Some of the benefits extended by the International Hotel Services are:-

  • IHS ensures to cover all the cost linked with training the employees, workers compensation, payroll tax etc.
  • IHS is particularises in offering top-up services.
  • IHS offers infrastructure facilities in order to maintain and constantly reviewing and improving it team member
  • Through IHS, you will receive the strong support throughout  hotel industry.

To contact International Hotel Services, follow any mode of communication:

P. (02) 9517 2180
E. info@ihservices.com.au
W. www.ihservices.com.au

8. HRC Group

HRC Group was incorporated by Moira Kelly in 1990 and is primarily engaged in recruitment and training of executive management and executive housekeepers for international hotels in Australian and Asia Pacific. Their main focus is to deliver the recruitment and training to corporate of 4 and 5 star hotels in Australia. Also they are engaged in managing the reviving procedures of many of these hotels housekeeping departments.

Their broad range of exclusive services includes Rebranding Services, Reviving Housekeeping, Outsourced hotel Housekeeping as well as Public areas and soft furnishing outsourcing. With the range of spectacular services offers to the customers, HRC Group has achieved a leading reputation in offering comprehensive housekeeping management solutions that are client-centric and compared through quality results.

To contact HRC Group, follow any mode of communication:

P. (02) 9251 2311
W. www.hrc.com.au

9. SMS Hospitality

SMS Hospitality is particularised in maintaining Outsourced Housekeeping of the Hotels and Resorts all around the world. SMS Hospitality precisely state splendid quality and transform that definition into immediate profit for you and your guests. The housekeeping and maintenance experts of SMS Hospitality ensures to make use of tried and tested process in all spheres of your hotel or resorts to assures your guests are welcomed with a refreshing sight and fragrance immediately they will enter your property. The housekeeping service of SMS Hospitality includes cleaning your hotel thoroughly from inside and out, parking garages to conference halls etc.

SMS Hospitality checkout procedure permits us to deliver a continuous quality cleaning process across your whole property. Each and every step includes multiple required cleaning actions and the optimum procedure to accomplish it. Our employees are highly trained on our cleaning procedure to maintain firmness in all areas.

They are highly committed and leave no stone unturned to satisfy the customers’ expectations. Make your hotel or resorts renowned for its incredible experience every single day with SMS Hospitality.

To contact SMS Hospitality, follow any mode of communication:

W. www.sms-hospitality.com

NOTE: All the information is collected from Google & Other Search Engines. We’re not making any comparison between all aforementioned businesses. All the Listed Outsourced Hotel Housekeeping Companies in this article are the top search results of Google suburb wise.

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