How Search Trends affected by Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic not only impacts on human life but also impact on businesses and industries all across the globe. Majorities of businesses have to shut their operation and almost all nations have to impose a wide range of lockdowns to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The lockdown period has to lead the world to a global recession period. It results to break the backbone of every nation as well as every business.

Same time, humans used to live with coronavirus. Having a mask on face round the clock is the new normal of society. However, there are few industries like online shopping, medical services, health services, pharmacies, news, and entertainment industry that could grow their businesses. On the other side, physical businesses that closed due to lockdown will take time to remain steady.

While the COVID-19 pandemic hugely changed the search trends and it is quite interesting to find out what is happening from an SEO perspective. Here are a few facts regarding people’s interest, what they are looking for, and how Covid-19 changed the shopping behaviours across the world.


e-Commerce Store

Toilet paper, Hand sanitizers, and face mask, designer face mask are the top trend nowadays. Searches related to goods are in the boom period still now after the 8 months of this pandemic. People are searching for items that they bought from the local stores.

The world has to face a paucity of face masks when China gets infected and has its peak level in late January. Once the coronavirus spread out of China it leads to an instant shortage of face masks in Asian countries. Not only face masks but also a sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and gloves are hard to get after January. While in the USA, it leads to a shortage of toilet papers, different medicines, and groceries.


Health and Wellness

Even today, there is no vaccine, or medicine available to cure against Coronavirus. The only reason people aware of their health and try to increase their immune system. Different kinds of vitamins, anti-viral medicines, hand sanitizer, how to wash hands, essential oils, and home remedies are treading on searches. More than 50% of people on the internet searched for “how to boost the immune system?” All in all, it is almost a 15-20% rise in searches related to health and wellness.


News Channels and Online News

While there is no guaranteed cure or any treatment for COVID-19. This boost the TRPs of news channels. People are seeking to be informed about the latest news and research regarding novel coronavirus. Different statistics and real scores (cases per day) in real-time is become the primary requirement for news channels and online news.



It sounds awkward, but during the lockdown, almost all people are stuck at home without any work. That leads to doing new things for entertaining themselves by cooking or by learning to different new dishes and a few breakfast and sweets at home. Even majorities of people avoid ordering food at home from restaurants.

At last, COVID-19 could easily affect many businesses positively as well as negatively. It also affects consumer behaviour and search trends. By observing the consumer behaviour businesses can grow their selling.

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